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I use a combination of medical knowledge and practical experience on obstetric and postpartum wards, hypnotherapy and nutrition to support you on your pregnancy journey through birth and motherhood.
Obviously, I can´t remember my own birth as a baby, but back in time the conditions were horrible and my mum told me the story of babies being taken away from mothers and only brought for breastfeeding, me being isolated in laundry/ utility room because of conjunctivitis.
You would think well, that was just an awful reality of past but having heard many of terrible labour and after birth experience including early clumping, unnecessary caesareans with their consequences, not allowing immediate skin-to-skin contact because of weighing, it is still happening.
As a recent successful hypnobirthing mama, I am thrilled to share my positive experience and walk you through your original journey of your dream birth which you won´t regret but will only have unforgettable memories of.

I provide individuals, couples and groups with important insights into well-being in order to achieve 'whole' health of the whole family. I am sure the female bodies in a unit with her babies is capable of miraculous things and I can help you to achieve them. Gentle labour, to me, means honouring this natural process coupled with greatest medicine of all, which is teaching clients how not to need medicine and avoid unnecessary interventions. Good health is one of the most precious things we have and it is even more essential when it comes to pregnant women, childbirth and postpartum mothers and their babies. I want you to understand that knowing about hypnobirthing may reduce the number of doctor visits for you and your child (children) and can dramatically reduce the risks of disease for both.
As a pregnant women you are likely to become more vulnerable on one or more occasions. I will guide you to maintain your dignity.
The sooner we can get you and your baby´s body and mind to work in synergy, the healthier outcome you will get for your whole life, your baby's life and also for the future pregnancies and births.

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