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Cleansing in pre-conception phase

Are you tired and drained of having unsuccessful fertility treatment? Is your period irregular?

Have you had multiple miscarriages and are you scared of having another one, so that you are so close to giving up?

Do you feel too old to have a child, but do you still want one? Let‘s get you younger as a first step.

Are you responsible when planning family? Come to clean your body from hormones, chemicals, and heavy metals. You will learn what gentle practices should be done prior even thinking of getting pregnant, including cleaning diet and weight loss.

Wait! There is a hope! Your body (and mind) is fully capable of caring a child and you could increase your chances with lifestyle and nutrition. Nourish yourselves to create the friendliest environment for your baby.

Do you have a history of disease that might interfere with your pregnancy? Fear no more!

Good news. You might be surprised but there is a lot men can do too! 

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