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I was born a healer.



Hello, my name is Jana and I am a medical doctor, practicing in the NHS, and naturopathic nutritionist.

My journey to healing and practicing medicine began when I was a child.

I always new I would help people and medicine seemed like the likely path. I came from the countryside of Czech Moravia Highland in the Czech Republic. I was blessed to have the opportunity to study general medicine

in my home country where I became a medical doctor, and later, to receive my diploma in Nutritional Therapy from the College of Naturopathic Medicine in London.

As a teenager, I had health issues. I had trouble eating, often suffered from UTIs and spent time in the hospital for kidney infections. When I was studying medicine, I was so focused and determined that I allowed my body to deteriorate. I developed a debilitating case of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome which robbed me of a normal lifestyle. Whenever I would try to enjoy one of my passions, such as dance or traveling, it would take me days to recover, and never to full capacity. 


While many good doctors tried to help me throughout my life, I knew their therapies were actually harming me more than they were helping me. 


I felt the solutions were inside of me, if only I could find them, which led me to study nutrition. I learned the undeniable and critical connection between nutrition, the body and the mind when it comes to living and thriving in life. By implementing proper nutrition coupled with western medicine, I utilized my education and experience to HEAL myself from CFS. I am now able to enjoy all the activities I love while feeling vibrant and full of life!


There is nothing that I want more than to help others heal too.  


Today, my practice is focused on helping with the following conditions:


When you work with me, you will discover that I am not your ordinary doctor. My goal is to help you achieve “whole” health, which includes freedom from pain, dis-ease, and other poor health problems. Or to finally be able to give birth to your baby. I believe our bodies can heal ourselves if we give it the proper guidance and support and I want to help you do that. 


I designed my clinic to focus on the patient, not on my calendar of appointments. I am not “that” doctor who sees you for 10 minutes and then prescribes medication. I will get to know you and your unique health priorities. We will partner in your health so you can live your best life.


Because I was born a healer.

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