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Cleansing pre-conception phase

Are you tired and drained of having unsuccessful fertility treatment? Is your period irregular?

Have you had multiple miscarriages and are you scared of having another one, so that you are so close to giving up?

Do you feel too old to have a child, but do you still want one?

Nourishing pregnancy

Are you finally pregnant and wanting to ensure all essential nutrients are in place to support foetus development? Congratulations! This is actually just the beginning of proper nourishment of both.

Let me guide you through this cheerful period to keep baby happy and safe in your belly until the ninth month.

Restorative phase after giving birth & nursing support

Congratulation to your newborn! Keep calm, you can manage this big change in your life with a Doctor HypNutritionist on hand.

Have you started to feel sad after having a child? Food could improve your mood and so you could focus on children.

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