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Nutritional therapy is the application of nutrition and lifestyle medicine sciences in the promotion of health, peak performance and individual care.

Nutrients and other food components influence the function of your body, protect against disease, restore health, and determine your response to changes in the environment. Dietary intervention based on knowledge of nutritional requirements, nutritional status, and genotype (i.e. “personalised nutrition”) can be used to prevent, mitigate or cure chronic disease.

As a Registered Nutritionist, Nut. Dip I assess and identify potential nutritional imbalances. As a doctor, MUDr. (Medicinae Universae Doctor) I understand how these may contribute to your symptoms and health concerns.

Functional and genetic tests as well as conventional NHS tests can be used to determine the best course of treatment personal to your needs.

Finally, as a mum I feel well equipped to support you on your fertility, pregnancy and postpartum journey.

Chronic conditions

Share your experiences and have the opportunity to work together to find strategies to overcome your persistent and chronic medical issues and enable you to fully enjoy your life again.


No matter what part of your body has been hurting or if you have been experiencing generalised aches for a long time, there is a way out. 

My individualised support and guidance can help you on your path to a pain-free life.


Cleansing pre-conception phase
Nourishing pregnancy
Restorative phase after giving birth & nursing support

Men's health

Coming soon.

If you are not sure whether this is for you, please book a free call, otherwise go ahead and book your first consultation.

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